Balm & Eye Cream New Formula


20ml jar (not the little jars!!!)

Our brand new formula !

Locking in moisture and hydrating your skin. Great for dry areas, lips and even around your eyes.

100% all natural Organic, Cold Pressed Oils

Jojoba * Rosehip * Castor *Beeswax

As seen on TikTok by Thewoodengypsy

© LaLena's Oil

® LaLena's Oil

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2 reviews for Balm & Eye Cream New Formula

  1. addie dzierwa

    addie dzierwa

  2. Melody

    This balm is amazing. I had a dry lips from cold weather.. developed a cut one side of my lips. Applied balm. After 6 hours, it’s significantly healed. 24 hours it was gone.

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