2oz Pump Top LaLena’s Oil


Every order is created in small batches by me. I have always done this and will continue to do this to ensure my customers the purest, freshest products. Thank you for your patience.

You can use LaLena's Oil on your hair, skin and nails. The possibilities are endless on how you can use this oil topically.

CHECK ME OUT ON TIKTOK: THEWOODENGYPSY with testimonies and stories of healing for the following: Cyst and Lumps, precancerous spots, wound healing, Acne, Hormonal acne, old ace scars, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, skin allergies, rashes, poison ivy, burns, loose skin, dermatitis, keratosis pilaris, removal of warts/moles/skin tags, AND SO MUCH MORE.

2 ounce glass bottle of LaLena’s oil
Has a pump top with cap

LaLena’s Oil is 100% all natural, Organic, Cold Pressed Oils:

Black seed * Castor * Rosehip *

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A Little goes a long way:
I use one pump in the morning and 2 pumps before bed on a clean face. Rub into hands, pat on face, then gently press in. Adjust according to your skins needs. *Many love adding it into their lotion and moisturizers.

Hair Growth:
Rub into thinning hair area before bed when you are going to wash your hair the next day.

How to store:
Shelf life is 1 yr. Store in a cool dark place out of direct sun light. But not in the refrigerator.

Should be used 6-8 weeks for best results. TAKE BEFORE PICS AND YOU WILL SEE FOR YOURSELF 🙂

© LaLena's Oil

® LaLena's Oil


23 reviews for 2oz Pump Top LaLena's Oil

  1. Jacqueline Wilson

    I can’t say enough great things about this product! I’m absolutely inlove with what it’s done for my skin as well as added benefits. My skin has truly transformed. Now onto the good stuff. I’ve been putting this on moles and weird freckles as I’ve had basil cell removed a few times from my face. This stuff shrinks them and over time will eventually remove them 😱 I’ve had it shrink a cyst on my arm(almost gone now)and I’m currently using it on a keloid from a piercing! Life changing! Truly healing ❤️

  2. tracy

    This is my third time ordering this amazing oil, I can’t say enough good thing about it. So thankful I stumble upon this !

  3. Susan

    This oil has changed my life! Not only has it made my face look 10 years younger, it’s helped clear my eczema as well! I’m so grateful to have found such an amazing product and plan to use it for the rest of my life!

  4. Ashley A

    I wish I can leave more than 5 stars this oil cleared up my hormonal acne immediately after using it. I recently developed a serious rash in my armpits, neck and stomach area and haven’t found any relief until I started using this oil just so it can soothe the itchiness. Well it’s slowly but surely disappearing! I’m never living without it

  5. Tara

    This oil is amazing! I call it my miracle oil. As a child, I suffered a burn under my right eye when I walked into a relative’s pipe. I lost pigment under that eye and this oil significantly faded the darkened area. My skin feels amazing. This is my all in one anti-aging product.

  6. Danielle Johnson

    I originally bought this for my daughter’s eczema a few years ago. She had bad patches on her legs and feet. Cleared up in a few months. Then I started using it on a large mole and dark spot on the side of my neck. The mole is completely gone and the dark spot is almost gone. Took about 8 months. I use it on my face and hands every night. My nails are growing like crazy and my face is so soft. I love this stuff. Lasts a long time too. First purchased in 2021 and just now ordering my 3rd bottle. Great product and used for multiple things. Love love love

  7. Natalia Mendoza

    I have only used this oil 2 times and I am hooked. I have only used it on my face and I can see and feel the difference. I’m sitting at my desk and can tell my face is different without even touching it. I don’t have that rough dry feel. Almost feels like I don’t have a face..lol. It’s that good. I can’t wait to try it on other places. I have been telling all my coworkers about this product. I’m going to need it by the gallon please 🙂

  8. Damaris B.

    Amazing Incredible product my melasma is gone in 2 weeks!
    I had lost hope. Thank you Wooden Gypsy!

  9. Shaddai

    My only regret is not finding this miracle oil sooner, it really has been such a blessing for my health and overall appearance of my skin! This is all I wear on my face now. My large pores are barely noticeable, acne scars… I can’t even remember where they were on my face. My skintone is even and my face feels smoother and looks tighter. I went ahead and got rid of all my toxic skin products and makeup. This oil is all you need! I don’t ever write reviews, but for Lalenas oil lol I’ll do anything. Thank you for blessing my life, may God protect you always❤️

  10. Rachel Kuehn

    I have rosacea and sensitive skin – so I was skeptical. I had recently been breaking out with rosacea acne on my nose and cheeks so I decided to give this a try. I absolutely love it! My face is healing so well – no more acne, definitely less redness! I sometimes add a drop of frankincense and lavender essential oil when applying. I am so thankful for Brandy and this amazing blend she created!

  11. deborah


  12. Wendy Moulding

    I wish I took a before pic. I have Rosacea and age spots and this oil has changed my life. Soooo good. My face has cleared up and redness is almost gone. AMAZING!!

  13. Jeanette Allen

    Love it,it’s amazing

  14. Jeanette Allen

    Love it

  15. Leslie Wegner

    I received my oil a couple of days ago and started using it right away on some facial bruising due to a small procedure. I was amazed how quickly I could see a difference, since then I have been using it with my moisturizer and my skin looks so fabulous! I cannot thank you enough for creating this line of products…I have already placed another order and will continue to….also to top it off you have excellent Customer Service thank you again…Gypsy aka Leslie

  16. Destiny Gonzalez

    I’m convinced beside the oil you’re using special healing powers lol
    No lie! I wish I would have took pictures of my finger before I used your oil!
    It was cracked bad and rough from the cold!
    I started using it the first day I got it!
    And the second day I already seen a difference!
    Now I’m on day 9 and it’s so much better it’s healing so good!
    Gosh I was trying so many other products
    Thank you thank you!

  17. Michelle Theriot

    I absolutely love Lalena’s oil!I was skeptical how my acne prone, sensitive skin would react.Boy does it soak it up and love it!! It hydrates and heals without feeling greasy!❤️

  18. Debbie Stephens

    LaLenas Oil is bringing healing to my body…its healing my skin, doing what doctors can’t do!

  19. Kelly

    Love this product, my skin is smoother and a cyst I had went away after about a month.

  20. Casandra Flores


  21. Shane’William

    This product delivers.
    It lives up to everything it claims. I started a month ago & I started noticing a difference immediately.

  22. Giovana

    Plus 5

  23. Kadira Memisevic

    I struggle with eczema and dermatitis on my face, this oil has made such a difference. I am amazed and so grateful! It even helped baby hairs start growing!

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