4th of july sale

orders ship in 3 weeks

every order is created in small batches by me. i have always done this and will continue to do this to ensure my customers the purest, freshest product.

A little about me:


Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. You may know me as Thewoodengypsy on TikTok. I have helped guide thousands to better health and natural healing.  I shared my own journey of healing while the world watched, which led me here today.  It all started when I was trying to help my son get off creams for eczema. I knew I could make something better.  LaLena’s oil was born! Not only did I help my son, but I’ve helped thousands with their skin issues as well. You can see many stories and testimonies of healing on TikTok.

We are a small family business team. Thank you for your support and love  ❤️‍🩹
– Brandy